Innovation & Start-ups

At Paramone, we are actively involved in creating and promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across the world and especially in India. India is the third largest start-up ecosystem in the world and is home to more than 20 unicorns. This serves as a catalyst in fostering innovation in different sectors of the economy by providing platforms and collaboration opportunities for different stakeholders.

Paramone, through its group entity Techinnovadors, strives to support pre-seed start-ups and actualize their visions in the world of business. Whether it be an idea, a vision, or a prototype, what we seek from the youth, is the passion to help them grow. Not only does Techinnovadors help in identifying a young start-up's core strengths and opportunities, but it also creates a safe space for them to communicate with industry veterans to gain insight, guidance, and support throughout their journey. From the training to the finish line, Techinnovadors is right by a young start-up's side.